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Changing the Environment

Trading Room is a company engaged in harvesting a unique type of seaweed commonly treated as waste and processing it as effective natural ingredient for the animal feed industry. The high biomass of sea lettuce or Ulva has become a nuisance to the community as well as the marine life. It has been identified by marine scientists as the cause of the Green Tide. Accordingly, harvesting of washed ashore Ulva, is in fact advantageous to the environment (Dr. Edna G. Fortes, PhD, UP Marine Science Institute), making this venture environment-friendly.

Changing Communities

Our partner communities harvest washed ashore sea lettuce which is used as an all-natural animal feed ingredient. In doing so, TRADING ROOM provides meaningful jobs to seaweed harvesters along the Philippine coastlines.

Changing Lives

This is part of TRADING ROOM’s commitment – bridging communities through continuous innovation and the application of science and technology in bringing well-thought-of products to the marketplace.

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